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Location: Luhačovice
For each stay, the Luhačovice Spa company arranges a bus transfer from Vienna to Luhačovice and back for their guests. Please book your seats at the latest two weeks before your arrival day. Departure: on Sundays at 3:00 PM from Vienna, Westbahnhof-Felberstrasse.On your last stay day departure at 9:00 AM from Luhačovice. Ticket price is EUR 27.

Location: Luhačovice
The Augustinian House Hotel is located at the end of spa center in the direction of Pozlovice pod Jestřabí horou in the luxurious part of the town known as "Prague Quarter" (Pražská čtvrt) which is only five-minute walk far from the spa colonnade (Lázeňské náměstí).
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