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Do you know where to eat, drink or where to dance during your vacation in Prague?

Besides quality accommodation services in our vacation apartments quick bookings in Prague hotels, we also want you to have a brilliant dining experience and leasure time in Prague. We are happy to recommend you a big selection of the favourite Prague restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs. Our recommendation suits to everybody. Choose from luxurious high class restaurants to the budget friendly pubs and bars.


Prague is predominantly the city of pubs and beer, although it also features hundreds of winerooms and a variety of restaurants. The two most famous pubs are Pivovar U Fleků, the world’s oldest operating brew pub dating back to 1499, and U Kalicha, known to beer and humour lovers as the favourite hangout of the literary character Good Soldier Švejk. Delicious dark beer was brewed until 1953 at Pivovar U sv. Tomáše in the Lesser Town. The Lesser Town is home to the well loved pubs U Kocoura, U Bonaparta and U krále Brabantského. The draught beer tastes lovely at U Zlatého Tygra and U Medvídků in the Old Town, while beer fans from the New Town meet at the cosy U Pinkasů. Praguers love to sip their beer in garden restaurants in the summer time and often come for beer to Letenský Zámeček chateau and Hanavský Pavilion which are both situated in the middle of a large city park. The Municipal House in downtown Prague, a most beautiful Art Nouveau construction, contains several luxury restaurants. Lovers of Latin-American cuisine can also savour absolutely amazing atmosphere of Caribbean nights and much more in Bonanza restaurant in Dlouha Street.


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It is not really necessary to introduce the “U Fleků” brewery and restaurant. Perhaps everybody who has walked down the Křemencová street has kept in mind a richly decorated clock on the brewery’s facade that asks everybody to visit any of the several rooms of the restaurant. And everybody who has come in has kept in mind, or better on the tongue, a delicious and unique taste of “U Fleků” 13° lager.

Address: Kremencova 11, Prague 1

Menues from 400 CZK / persons (soup, main course, dessert, coffee, “U Fleků” 13° lager)

To make a reservation write to us: info@prague-vacation.cz



This gastronomic oasis and the meeting place of fine tasters from all over the whole world didn't always look so romantic as it does today. The restaurant conceals legends but also historic truths. In the period of the influence of "Švejk" (read: Shvayk) - accordingly before the First World War - the gastronomic as well as social level, upon which we had become accustomed in "The Goblet", was quite different.

Address: Na Bojišti 12-14, Praha 2


To make a reservation write to us: info@prague-vacation.cz


The history of the restaurant "U medvídků" dates back to 1466. In the past century the original brewery was converted into the first Prague cabaret and also into the one of the biggest beerhall in Prague. Several generations of Czech people and also a lot of foreigners are visiting this restaurant for ist very good Czech cuisine and for famous Czech beer - Budweiser.

Open daily from 11:30 to 23:00


In our stylish bar you may try one of five sorts of excellent tapped beer, have your favourite drink served by our barman, or simply have a rest over a cup of coffee.

Open daily from 16:00 to 03:00

Address: Na Perštýně 7, 100 01 Praha 1

To make a reservation write to us: info@prague-vacation.cz



Tretter's cocktail bar is probably the one place in Prague where modern times rub up against the nostalgia of the Paris or the New York of the 30's. The deep red of the interior, of which the owner (as designer) is rightfully proud, adds to the feeling of a real bar. Caribbean cocktails adorned with orchids further add to feelings of romance and delicacy. Here you can try at least 150 classic drinks. The door is open to anyone, and no guest ranks above any other; contempt because of one's face or clothes has absolutely no place here. All guests are served in the same spirit, from Monday to Sunday, from 19.00 to 03.00.

Address: V Kolkovně 3, Prague 1


Aloha Wave Lounge is a stylish café, restaurant and cocktail lounge with an element of Hawaiian Tiki style ranging from thirties to the sixties. Wooden interior and dimmed lights give the place a relaxed ambience. We offer a great range of exotic cocktails and Pacific cuisine. Relaxed spirit is reinforced by a selection of live DJ`s and bands. It is a venue for all with taste to discover the Hawaiian flavour.

Address: Dušní street 11, Prague 1


American bar - café Ocean Drive is open every day from 16:00 till 02:00 and in the relaxed atmosphere offers service of the day light luxury bar with excelent pan-pacific quisine, the delicates like: Thai coconut soup, chicken meat filled with nuts and mango chutney sauce.… accompanied with tasty alcoholich or nonalcoholic coctail or glass of champagne.

Address: V kolkovně 7, Prague 1


New prestige restaurant and music bar Infinity in passageway in Hradecká street and Chrudimská street, 100 meters over Metro station Flora, Želivského direction. Stylish restaurant Infinity with capacity of 200 seats offers speciality of international kitchen cooked by France cooks. And Music Bar Infinity is good place for nice spended evening time. Restaurant Infinity with Music Bar in Agora Flora building offers for you infinity possibility and infinity amusement like you can see in his name.

Address: Chrudimská 2a/2526, Prague 3


The interiors of the Bugsy’s Bar underwent a major change in the year 2002. The only original thing that has been preserved is the bar desk. It is the only reminding part of the old interior design. Dominant part of the bar is the pressed bamboo into small pieces on the floor, with terrazzo in the toilets, a fully illuminated glass humidor for keeping the fresh cigars and an original way of keeping the bar illuminated, which enables us to combine and to program different light modes giving our bar colorful and different illumination most of the time.

Address: Pařížská 10, Prague 1



Dancing club: laser show, live entertainment, huge dancing floor, three specious bars, modern interier, big selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic coctails, air condisioning, parking, capacity 600 - 800 persons.

Address: 5. kvetna 1640/65, Prague 4


Club Futurum is located proximately 5 minutes walking from metro station "Andel". Once you go Stefanikova street towards to Lesser Town square, about 200 meters you will see on your right hand site the Square " 14 rijna". You have to cross this square and over there you will see the light green building " Narodni dum na Smihove", in which our club is located.

Address: Zborovská 7, Prague 5


  • indoor and outdoor club, open 24 hours every day
  • delicious home and international cuisine, excellent barbecue
  • 2 dance floors
  • discoteque with music from 60th to present day
  • new videoprojection
  • 7 bars to be at your disposal
  • GO GO dancers
  • Wide offer of drinks and coctail in Jack Daniel bar, Shark
  • unique division
  • dance floor is untraditionally interconnection with terrace under the Charles bridge - all the year round
  • the only one club with open-air dance floor
  • excellent view on skyline historical Prague
  • we ensure catering with complete hardware
  • corporate acrion, parties, seminar, balls
  • the most modern sound and technic

Address: Ječná 12, Prague 2


Palac Akropolis is more than a venue - it's the creative brain trust of artist, living in building of Palac Akropolis and lot of cooperatives. They works alltogether on mutual projects, like:

  • Radio Akropolis
  • EuroConnections
  • Hip Hop Foundation
  • United Colours of Akropolis
  • Future Line
  • Staropramen Akropolis Top
  • Festival Integrace Slunce

Address: Kubelikova, Prague 3


  • two floors of entertainment
  • three cocktail bars
  • 219 different kind of cocktails
  • working - flair style
  • international cuisine all day
  • excelent DJ
  • top - less dancers
  • lit dance floor or laser show
  • Daily from 8pm - 6am

Address: Karlova 6, Prague 1


Mecca opened on the 26th of September 1998 by Roman Řezníček, as a pleasant combination of music club, restaurant and cafe. From the beginning it has been one of the most popular places for Prague's night life as well as for various cultural and social events. In April 2000, Mecca started cooperating with the "head" of Prague's clubing scene, Jaroslav Krampol, and his production company Zep Tepi. The aim of this cooperation was to build Mecca as the one of the best music clubs in the world with first- class programs and perfect lunch and dinner service... and our idea came true. During the years, Mecca has welcomed many Czech and world-renowned DJs, singers and other stars.

Address: U Průhonu 3, Prague 7


Soultrain basement, lounge every Thursday at with resident dj´s Rico big j, and 12 play bringing to you the classic basement vibe of RnB and hip hop flavas, fresh tunes Mc´s the basement lounge is HOT. What it is Sexy and Stylish is Hot and funky is what you feel ... Funk it!!

Address: Bělehradská 120, Prague 2


One of the famourite dancing clubs with well known dj´s.

Address: Uhelný trh 2, Prague 1


The Sunshine of Spain in Prague.

Classic spanish kitchen served in a homey pleasant atmosphere. We offer excellent portions of our speciality paella, with your choice of lamb, rabbit or fresh fish. While we have an enourmous choice of excelletn spanish wines, our wine selection also includes all important wine regions of the world.

Address: Maltézské náměstí 9, Prague 1 - Malá Strana



Would you like to dance or to learn how to dance Salsa during your vacation in Prague? If you like this kind of music, visit L´Aperitivo Salsa Club, where great Fuego Lationo playes this typical Caribbean music every Tuesday night!!!

Address: Malé Náměstí 2, Prague 1


Only one place in Prague, where you can dance Salsa every day of the year. This bar is located on terases of the famous shopping center OD Kotva. Great view is guaranteed. The programme of this club is definitely very interesting and worthy to be checked. They employ profesional teachers of Latin dances like SALSA, MERENGUE, CASION…. Under their guidanance and few tropical coctails you will become a confident Salsa dancer within one night.

Address: Náměstí Republiky 8, Prague 1


Tuesday night = Salsa night. About 10PM you can be among 100 salsa dancing people. So if you feel like having some fun on Tuesday evening, do not miss this place.

Address: Národní 25, Prague 1


Do you have enough of typical Czech dishes? You are not the fun of roasted pork, dumplings and sour cabbage? You are in a cosmopolitan city, so why not to try the quality of restaurants that specialize on different, sometimes for us very unknown cuisines!!! To help you to decide where to go for dinner, we selected the best of all and here they are….



Original afghanistan cuisine served in stylish interier wth delicate oriental decoration in persian style.

Address: Rámová 6, Prague 1, tel: 222 323 438



The living restaurants. One of the most favourite prague restaurants with an excellent cuisine, atmosphere and service. Reservations are highly recommended.

Address: Mánesova 59, Prague 2, tel: 222 727 851


The owner from american Iowa has been already preparing this autentic tex-mex cuisine for more than 10 years on our market. The place is decorated in stylish wild western design. BBQ chicken wings in homemade souce are just great!!!

Address: Vodičkova 9, Prague 1, tel: 224 948 624


We have a great news for everybody, who likes sandwiches. By Lesser Town Square you can find now a popular american company chain Subway. We recommend the clasic B.M.T. sandwich or Subway Melt.

Address: Karmelitska 28, Prague 1, tel: 257 532 955, Štěpánská 51, Prague 1, tel: 224 214 417



This kind of restaurant is very unusual in Czech Republic but honestly for its quality it would not get lost in real Buenos Aires. We recommend the specialities prepared on traditional argentin grill "parilla".

Address: Václavské nám. 11, Prague 1, tel: 221 629 410


Not only from the local dishes but also from temperament atmosphere you can feel the right mood of argentin metropolis. Those, who loves steaks will cherish this place. To all meat dishes you will get portion of grilled vegetable, like eggplants and squosh with marinated fetta cheese and crispy pita bread.

Address: Truhlářská 10, Prague 1, tel: 222 312 073



Where else in Prague to have a oportunity to taste kangaroo or ostrich steaks than right here in restaurant with characteristic name Bumerang, which is runned by people from this extremely interesting continent.

Address: Londýnská 52, Prague 2, tel: 222 517 047



In Los Moules you can relish different specialities, from steaks, mussels to lobsters prepared on many different styles. To drink, you have a choice from more than 10 kinds of beer.

Address: Pařížská 19, Prague 1, tel: 222 315 022



This restaurant belongs among the famous chain of Ambiente restaurants in Prague. In this one we can highly recommend grilled meat ala churrasco style, just like real gaucos make it.

Address: U Radnice 8, Prague 1, tel: 224 234 474


Copacabana is not only famous beach in Rio, but also luxurios restaurant in Vinohrady with international cuisine. On the menu, there are of course original brazilian recepies of meat – churrasco.

Address: Korunní 30/926, Prague 2, tel: 222 516 387



Just in the center of Prague, you have a part of Bulgarian culture just like that. Not too big, few steps under the level of the ground, but very tastefull design with big tables and contemporary pottery. An extensive menu contains traditional bulgarian dishes but also some of czech favourite specialities.

Address: Rubešova 12, Prague 2, tel: 603 388 860



One of the most visited chinese restaurants with excellent food and profesional service.

Address: Letenské nám. 5, Prague 6, tel: 233 376 209


The most interesting thing on this restaurant is the autentic service on rotating tables. If you are the fans of chinese food, do not miss this place.

Address: Bělehradská 113, Prague 6, tel: 233 357 473



La Perle de Prague is a restaurant located in exquisite spaces on the 7th floor of The Dancing House. From the air-conditioned restaurant a fantastic view can be had of Prague´s skyline including St. Vitus´s Cathedral and the presidential palace. During the summer months guests can take their lunch, dinner or just have a drink with friend.

Address: Rašínovo nábřeží 80, Prague 2, tel: 221 984 160


You can look forward to traditional French cuisine, selected regional French wines, art nouveau interior, lively atmosphere and of course Parisian spirit. Our menu offers from classical: Seafood platters – Cossoulet Au midi with lanb, saqusage, beans and figs to Onion quiche with cheese au gratin and other family dishes.

Address: Štupartská 9, Prague 1, tel: 257 535 050


After establishing itself in Prague, it was felt that it was time for a little "face lift". Without wishing to lose sight of the principles behind the cuisine yet desirous to bring the interior up to the level the cosmopolitan clientele expected of such a restaurant, a change in style was effected. The rustic element gave way to a more polished stylistic design, evoking an elegant, more formal mood, while maintaining the friendly atmosphere. Re-opened in January 2002, the new look Marlene ensures that this restaurant remains one of the great restaurants in Prague. The Bistrot is all about food. And those who know it of old and never concerned themselves with the interior may be surprised to find such a change, but the heart of the restaurant remains in place, a passion for food and a desire to please second to none.

Address: Plavecká 4, Prague 2, tel: 224 921 853


Cuisine prepared using the flavours and scents of the french farm house kitchen. Big choice of fresh specialities, fresh seafood and meat. Whle you are eating your dinner, the musitian is playing piano or violline.

Address: Jakubská 4, Prague 1, tel: 222 322 685


Quality international cuisine in cooperating a ultra modern restaurant is the Brasserie "Ullmann" at the mansion on Letna. A spacious interior with outstanding service we also offer garden seating (weather providing). With a menu directed by seasonal trends, not forgetting our regular guests the quality today will be the same tomorrow. Our produce is daily fresh with only first class meats and fresh sea food´s. The best of starters and dessert´s in its self is an experience at the mansion on Letna in the historical centre of Prague.

Address: Letenské sady 341, Prague 7, tel: 233 378 200


The restaurant got its name after the breed of white cattle Charolais, which originate from the French Burgundy, and the flavour of which you can taste only in this restaurant. Its authentic interior evokes a cosy country pub atmosphere of this kingdom of the supreme culinary delight. Grazing outside are herds of white cattle and the grapes of the renown Burgundy vineyards are ripening. We would like to re-enact not only the atmosphere of this lovely countryside, but also give you the opportunity to experience the French cuisine and wines which does not limit itself to beef alone. We are pleased to present to you a wide offer of poultry and lamb specialities, original horse-d'oeuvres, salads and desserts. The offer of Burgundy and Moravian wines is also interesting.

Address: Rubešova 10, Prague 2, tel: 224 239 570


Over the centuries, Havelis have been denoted as the up keepers of Indian traditions and cuisines. With Haveli Indian Restaurant, we have attempted to carry on this heritage. Not bound by any particular tradition, our chefs have picked dishes from culturally and chronologically diverse sources - from wholesome village repasts to indulgent aristocratic favourites; from the ancient and elaborate to the practical and modern. Our chefs have then honed these dishes to perfection, blending their original flavours with a contemporary approach to nutrition. This has resulted in a style unique to Haveli. A thousand years of culinary evolution, skillfully reinterpreted to suit 21st century palates.

Address: V Jirchářích 6, Prague 1, tel: 224 934 416



Rasoi signifies the traditional Indian name given to the Kitchen, form where begins the soul of Indian Cooking. Entering the Rasoi you immediately feel part of India with Spectacular Interiors, Courteous Waiters dressed in Traditional Indkian Costumes quiding you to your seat, soothing Indian Music playing in the background.

Address: Dlouhá 13, Prague 1, tel: 222 328 400


India on a plate. You probably grew up reading the fairy tales of an exotic land, with rich kings, beautiful princesses, elephants and snakecharmers .... A country called India. You promised yourself that one day, some day, you would visit this country, to breathe in the exotic atmosphere, and partake, in ecstacy, of its unusual, authentic cuisine.

Now we bring it to you in all its glory... India on a plate. From the fiery tandoor-oven grilled chicken and the mild lamb kormas of the North, to the spicy dishes of the south, all the varieties are represented in our comprehensive menu. Enjoy your meal to the live accompaniment of sitar music every evening, and transport all your senses to that faraway place you dreamed about, so long ago .... .

Address: Škrétova 10, Prague 2, tel: 224 225

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