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Starting price/person: 43 EUR
Location: Luhačovice
Location: Unlike other hotels in the area around Luhačovice, Pozlovice and Luhačovice's lake, the Hotel Vega was built above the lake on the slopes of Komonec Hill. It is a place with romantic vistas, unspoiled by any urban buildup. It is a quiet and peaceful place away from the noise of traffic and the city. It's a safe place for even the youngest children.

Getting to the hotel is simple, even during the winter season. There are red and yellow info-boards and arrows along the access road from Luhačovice. The distance between Hotel Vega and Luhačovice is less than 4 km. From the centre of Zlin it is about 20 km. Hotel Vega has two private unsecured parking areas. Parking is free. The closest railroad station is in Luhacovice ( cca 6 km ). By bus it is possible to get as far as Pozlovice. Guests who come for a week's stay can request to be picked up at the train station in Luhacovice. The closest international airport is in Vienna [ cca 170 km ]. The hotel is well-equipped and suitably located for both summer and winter seasons. Opportunities for swimming exist in Luhačovice lake (1 km), an open-air pool in Pozlovice (2 km), an open-air pool in Luhacovice (6 km), an open-air pool in Ludkovice (4 km) and in Aquapark Delfin in Uhersky Brod (15 km). Opportunities for skiing exist in Ujezd - 500 m (16 km), and in Luhačovice - 280 m (6 km). Opportunities for hiking to the spa colonnade in Luhačovice as well as in the area around Luhačovice is also available.
Location: Luhačovice
For each stay, the Luhačovice Spa company arranges a bus transfer from Vienna to Luhačovice and back for their guests. Please book your seats at the latest two weeks before your arrival day. Departure: on Sundays at 3:00 PM from Vienna, Westbahnhof-Felberstrasse.On your last stay day departure at 9:00 AM from Luhačovice. Ticket price is EUR 27.

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