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  • Republika Czeska, PRAGA-centrum miasta
  • Thanks to the position of pension Beetle, you can reach trams, buses and subway within 5 minutes. The tram takes you directly to the historic centre of Prague, to the National Theatre, Prague Castle or to the funicular going to the Petřín observatory, so does the subway. Historic centre of Prague can be also reached by walking.
    For the clients approaching Prague by their own vehicles there are several parking spots in a guarded parking place near the pension available.


  • Informacje: Situated in one of the central quarters of Prague, called Královské Vinohrady
  • Adres: Šmilovského 10, Praha 2
  • Maksymalna sezonowa cena: 35 EUR
  • Pojemność: 37 osób


  • The reception in the pension is open during a day. In case of emergency it is possible to reach our assistant on a phone during night hours. Continental breakfast is served right in the pension. There are many restaurants providing meals for the whole day in the vicinity.
    The pension is open throughout the year. It is suitable for individuals, as well as groups and families with children. The apertments can be also rented for longer periods of time.


  • There are 7 rooms and 3 apartments available, either single or two-room (2, 4, or 6 beds). The total capacity of the pension is 37 beds. There is an option to have an extra bed. In every apartment there is a minibar, SAT TV, phone, bathroom wiht shower or bath and lavatory. One apartment has fully equipped kitchen for those who wish to prepare their meals on their own.


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    Room TypeZaLowHighTop
    Single roompokój600 CZK1 200 CZK1 400 CZK
    Double roompokój800 CZK1 500 CZK1 700 CZK
    Triple roompokój1 000 CZK1 900 CZK2 100 CZK
    Apartment for 4 personspokój1 400 CZK2 400 CZK2 700 EUR
    Apartment for 6 personspokój1 800 CZK3 100 CZK3 400 CZK
    Apartment for 2 personspokój1 000 CZK1 700 CZK1 900 CZK
    Apartment for3 persons pokój1 200 CZK2 100 CZK2 300 EUR
    Apartment for 5 personspokój1 600 CZK2 800 CZK3 100 EUR
    4 bedded roompokój1 200 CZK2 200 CZK2 500 CZK
    Approx. rates
    1 EUR28 CZK
    1 USD22 CZK
    1 GBP35 CZK
    100 HUF9 CZK
    Prices valid per double room/ per night inc. breakfast & own bathroom. Extra beds possible for 300 CZK / night. SPECIAL GROUP RATES valid from 15 persons
    ASTRA REALITY s.r.o., Klapkova 1874/83, Praha 8
    Fax: +420 226 531 689 | GSM: +420 608 904 999
    www.astravacation.com | www.uklidastra.cz