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Preis: 1650 CZK price for Adult
Plzeň (Pilsen) is a town of beer where the best known Czech Pilsner Urquell beer has been produced.
In Koněprusy village is the longest karst cave system in Czech Republic. If you decide to join us for this trip, you will enjoy   beautiful countryside then you will walk through 600 metres long route of caves. Then   you will have a nice lunch and later in Pilsen museum of beer you will learn more about the brewing history of Czech beer. During your brewery excursion you will visit the modern plants where this delicious beer has been bottled as well as historic cellars. There you also sample a beer which has been brewed following an ancient recipe that a lot of worldwide breweries have in vain tried to imitate. In short this tour is packed with experience! Do not forget to take warmer dress  into  the caves.
Preis: 990 CZK price for Adult
World known car factory Škoda belongs to the most modern enterprices in the world.  It was founded in 1895 in Mladá Boleslav  a town located  55km  from Prague. Being opened to public   Škoda   as one of few car companies enables its visitors unique and rare opportunity to visit its premises and follow its operation. First we will visit Škoda museum located in company ´ s historical buildings.  A film and exhibition on history and development of car production including displayed cars is presented there. Then we will drive you to the factory itself, where you   spend about 90 minutes of excursion. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter the factory because of safety reasons.
Preis: 650 CZK price for Adults
Do you want to know more about night life of Prague locals? Do you want to see the pubs where locals would come and drink beer?  Do you want to know what are they usually speaking about?  So don´t hesitate any more and visit some of these pubs with us! While drinking beer you can have a chat with our guide not only  on history  but mainly about the every day life of the Czechs. As good beer should be followed by good food you can be sure you will not miss a nice Czech dinner!  
Including  3 beers and dinner.
Preis: 55 EUR 
Dou you want to feel the power of .44 Magnum or .45 Automatic Colt Pistol? Or 12 gauge shotgun? Or semi auto Kalashnikov? It 's possible, our shooting-range offers variety of rifles and handguns (revolvers and semi-auto pistols) - and of course the most popular guns ever - pump action shotgun and Kalashnikov!

You just need to be 18 over, have a valid ID card (or passport) with you and book the shooting in advance. That's all, no other restrictions.

Special offer for groups:
For your group we are able to organize shooting competition which includes shooting from 3, 4 or 5 different guns (incl. rifle, handguns and shotgun). The winners will of course receive medals ;-)

The prices for this programmes varies from 1490 CZK till 2250 CZK

Preis: 1350 CZK 
Come to play this exciting game! The best entertainment & paintball facility located just 10 minutes from the city center. With challenging games, an exciting indoor paintball field, players from beginners to the most experienced will have a blast. We offer open games and organized programs for stag parties, team building, and other occasions. Fantastic equipment and prices.
Preis: 57 EUR 
Go Karting in Prague - Everything for your events and your Stag Party
Lets come and try on your own skin our Go-Karts with HONDA 200ccm engines in the Indoor course area .Best Indoor Go Karting in Prague in the Entertaiment Centre CCM Area 4.000m2 with Fast and Technical Track over 500 meters long with Timing projection on the track and Printouts after each race
Nice space in our SportBar with Big TV-screen and view on the course
Perfect for Individuals, Groups and of course for your Prague Stag Party
We can completely organize your event and  prepare the race for your Stag Group on the track .Refreshments, Drinks and also possibilities of the Catering in our SportsBar .Profesional services and more than 8 years of experiencies on the market .

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